Dance Displays

Over the last few years year we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of dancers supporting us at our shows with over 150 dance groups with more than 2000 dancers displaying before and after the show.

We’ve collected as much information as we can on the groups and posted them in this special section of our website. Please come down early to support future displays!

Thanks everyone!!

Dance Display Archive


Dance Display – Poole – 20th Nov 2016

Photo courtesy of Alan Courtney

*Photo courtesy of  Alan Courtney

Anonymous Morris

We are Anonymous Morris: the finest border morris side in the Poole Old Town area! During the summer we can be found dancing on Poole Quay, outside local pubs, and at many weekend events including folk festivals. We often run workshops at such events.

We dance a mixture of traditional and more modern dances. We welcome dancers of any experience level (including none) and musicians playing any acoustic instrument. We rehearse on Thursday evenings (September to June) from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm at St James Church Hall, Thames Street, Poole, BH15 1JN.

Please see our website for further details.


Dorset Button Rapper

Dorset Button Rapper were formed about 25 years ago. A few of our founder members attended a rapper workshop dorsetat Sidmouth Folk Festival and on return started a Rapper dance side. As many of their wives and partners were dancing with Dorset Button Morris NW ladies side the then new rapper side became Dorset Button Rapper. We are fairly unique in that we dance rapper wearing clogs.

During our 25 year history we have danced in many European countries and the USA. More locally we regularly dance at Chippenham, Wimborne, Wessex, Swanage and Poole folk festivals and Bampton Morris day of dance.

We can also be seen dancing outside many Dorset Pubs during the summer.

As can be seen from our picture we are a mature side and we welcome new dancers.


dorsetDorset Buttons Morris

Dorset Buttons Morris dance side was formed in 1978. The Ladies dance North-West Morris and wear the wooden clogs that were worn by most working people in the 19th century. Our name comes from the hand-made buttons that were made in Dorset until the 1850s when the introduction of button making machines led to the collapse of the industry. We practise on Wednesday evenings in Wareham and welcome new members. We dance out regularly at local pubs and various festivals through the summer. Contact Helen for information about the North-West dancers or band.

Dance Display – Exeter – 21st Nov 2016


Beltane Border 

Think Morris dancing is all bells and hankies? Think again. Welcome to the Dark Side: With dynamic dancing, earthy percussive music and miles of fishnet, Beltane put on an exciting show.

You can also like Beltane Border on facebook.

Dance Display – Bury St Edmunds – 28th Nov 2016


Devil’s Dyke Morris Men

Devil’s Dyke Morris Men are named after the huge earthwork running through our patch. We dance in the Cotswold Morris tradition, with a lively and robust style to prove that Morris isn’t all about old men and limp hankies! We take pride in the different traditions and dances and work hard to get them right. A break from tradition is that we use pick axe handles for the stick dances, including on occasions throwing burning sticks around – when there’s not too much thatch to set ablaze. Based in the Newmarket area, we dance out around West Suffolk and Cambridgeshire in the main, and are always interested in new venues and new dancers. Get in touch!

You can find more info on their website.


East Suffolk Morris Menesmm

The East Suffolk Morris Men are based around the Ipswich area in East Anglia, UK.  They mainly dance the Cotswold traditions of English Morris Dance along with dances from the Welsh borders around Christmas.

In summer they dance on a Monday night throughout East Suffolk, mainly at country pubs & village fetes, and in winter practice and induct new members. ESMM enjoy extensive contacts who provide many opportunities to dance throughout the UK and abroad. In all, they achieve around 50/60 public performances in the UK each year and several more overseas.  Find out more on their website.

Dance Display – Huddersfield – 2nd Dec 2016


Fiddle ‘n’ Feet

‘Fiddle ‘n’ Feet mixed Appalachian dance team, was formed over 15 years ago.  We are based in Shipley West Yorkshire.

We perform mainly at festivals and events. We choreograph our own dances using traditional steps and music from the Appalachian mountains.  Fiddle ‘n’ Feet are always very well received at any display and we aim to give a performance with plenty of fun and energy.

We have a talented line-up of musicians who are an integral part of the team. Fiddle players Mac and David. Guitarists Paul and Andy. Rita, mandolin and Tony, banjo plus bass!’

You can find Fiddle ‘n’ Feet on their website and facebook page.

Dance Display – Sage Gateshead – 4th Dec 2016


The Newcastle Cloggies perform steps and dances originating mainly from regions where the working people wore clogs as part of their everyday footwear. Step dances from Scotland and the south east are also included in their repertoire.

The costume is a reconstruction of the distinctive working clothes and Sunday best of the Cullercoats fisherfolk and the Newcastle keelmen.

The Cloggies meet weekly in Cullercoats and welcome new members to join them.

Dance Display – Norwich – 10th Dec 2016


Pedants’ Revolt

Back in 2009 group of like-minded individuals sat and pondered;

Were jelly babies really better than Fox’s Dark Glacier mints? Whose turn was it to buy the cake and coffee? Was London Pride really nearly, but not quite, as nice as Adnams Broadside? Where should you put the apostrophe
in St James’ Hill? Was our favourite colour Magenta 7 or Magenta 8?

Thus were born Pedants’ Revolt. Inspired by a border team from the dark side of the A14, Pedants’ soon had a repertoire of 3 or 4 dances. We now have over a dozen dances, some learnt from other teams, some of our own devising.

You can find out more at Pedants’ Revolt website and facebook page.



Fiddlesticks are an all female dance side with a mixed band formed in 1983 in the village of Swardeston.  We dance ready-to-goin the Northwest Morris style wearing black clogs, green skirts, white blouses and black waistcoats and dance with sticks, slings and garlands.  We range in age from 20 – 60+ and currently have about 20 regular dancers with a band of 8 regular members.  We live in quite a wide area of Norfolk, but our base is Norwich, where we practice every Monday night during the autumn and winter.  We dance in pubs in and around Norfolk every Monday night from May to September and also at Folk Festivals and where-ever we are requested to dance be it a hen party, residential homes, garden party, jubilee celebrations, fairs etc.  We have an annual tour at the end of May each year and have visited the Mosselle Valley, Saltzburg, Hereford, Kent, Snowdonia and many other places.  We come from all walks of life and varying backgrounds, but the one thing we all share is an enthusiasm and energy for our dancing and music, all enjoy learning and performing the intricate patterns of the dances, many of them traditional and named after the places they come from i.e. Churchtown, Fleetwood, Horwich etc.  We do it because it’s good fun, good exercise, good friendship and we are proud to be keeping our traditional dancing alive.

Dance Display – Southport – 17th Dec 2016


Fylde Coast Cloggers

We are a women’s side dancing a very large repertoire of lively traditional dances from the north west of England.  We believe that the tradition should be evolving all the time, and to this end we also perform a number of specially composed dances in the traditional style, commemorating significant people and events in our team. Our dances are performed to the rhythms of traditional tunes played on traditional instruments and our trademark red and green costumes are also based on traditional themes.  The team is based at Warton near Preston and we are always pleased to welcome new dancers and musicians. The dancers are all women but the musicians also include men. No previous experience is necessary. Anyone interested please email Sue for more information.

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