The Lock In ‘Christmas Carol’ full tour announced


New festive show coming this year!

Half gig, half dance show and half panto! Join the BBC Award Winning team of musicians & dancers for 150% of the very best festive live music, song and dance!

It’s Christmas Eve and the regulars of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks are excited about the night ahead, it’s going to be the Folk & Hip Hop party of the year! To their dismay the landlady, Jasmineezer Scrooge, has more profitable ambitions and is preparing to launch her new business, ‘Jazzles’ nightclub. Cheap alco-pops, seedy lighting and mind-numbing bass beats are all in danger of alienating the local community and ruining Christmas! Fortunately, some insightful souls are at hand to lead her back to her senses.

Featuring ‘folk powerhouse’ The Demon Barbers; artists from Breaking Tradition Dance Company; a new seasonal repertoire and a ‘slightly unhinged’ approach to their family friendly stage shows, they are ‘guaranteed to raise weary spirits and send an audience home smiling’! The Telegraph

“Some shows demonstrate great skill and technique, some offer strong musicianship, and some create the kind of atmosphere and energy that leaves you high on life. The Lock In does all three” The List (Edinburgh Fringe)

‘A full-on show of such blazing energy and joyous ingenuity you scarcely ponder on the apparent madness of trying to marry folk dance and hip hop’ The Independent

‘The Lock In is infectious and gets under your skin to the extent you stop analysing and start just enjoying. Certainly the best night out in town’


We are recruiting clog dancers!

Clog blog pic

It’s an exciting time for the Demon Barbers and Breaking Tradition dance company. We’re currently working on; ‘The Lock In Christmas Carol’ – A Christmas version of our hip hop and folk dance extravaganza, ‘The Sleepover’ – A magical music and dance show for children and families, and we’re constantly developing our XL show that we perform at venues and festivals all over the UK. With so much going on, our troop of clog dancers needs to expand. If you’re interested in taking part, then please get in touch with All we need is your name, location and a short CV of your experience in performing. Happy clogging!

New headquarters at Kala Sangam Arts Centre

Photo for blog 3-6-15 Kala Sangam

We are very excited to move our offices to Kala Sangam, a vibrant, intercultural arts centre in the heart of Bradford. Kala Sangam houses many exciting events and artistic companies. They also provide an Academy of language, dance and music; performances in their theatre space; available function rooms and rehearsal spaces for hire; regular networking events; outreach work in schools and communities as well as a lively café that leads straight on to the beautiful Bradford cathedral.

Kala Sangam has recently received funding from ACE Capital Grant to completely refurbish St Peter’s house. They hope this grant will help build on their already successful arts centre by reducing energy costs and working towards a more sustainable and resilient organisation.Photo 2 for blog 3-6-15 Kala Sangam

We hope this move will bring new opportunities and partnerships for The Demon Barbers and the Breaking Tradition dance company and we look forward to experiencing what this great space has to offer!

If you are interested in working with us on any of our music and dance projects, please contact our Artistic Director Damien Barber on or just drop in and say hi!

Please use the following address for any future correspondence:

Breaking Tradition
Kala Sangam Arts Centre
St Peter’s House
1 Forster Ct

New Family Dance Show!


The Sleepover

Arts Council England award The Demon Barbers & Breaking Tradition dance company funding for a new children’s Folk & Hip Hop Dance extravaganza!

Inspired by The Nutcracker and following the success of the UK’s first Folk & Hip Hop dance extravaganza, The Lock In, the Breaking Tradition dance company comes together again for a magical fusion of music, dance and comedy suitable for all the family. With music provided by the BBC award winning Demon Barbers along with clogging rag dolls, sword dancing soldiers and Jack in the Boxes bursting with break beats, The Sleepover is guaranteed to have children bouncing on the edge of their seats while catapulting them into a magical world where all dances are equal.

The company will be researching & developing ideas for the new show in early April with a showing of a 20-minute pilot at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds on Friday 15th April at 1pm. The showing will be open to arts organisations & practitioners, venues and family audiences.

Following the performance of the pilot there will be a 30 min feedback session followed by practical workshops for children in clog, rapper sword, morris and Hip Hop dance.

Those wishing to attend should contact Yorkshire Dance on 0113 243 8765. Places are limited so please book early.


Support by Eddy O Dwyer

Eddy O Dwyer

We’re very happy to announce that Eddy O’Dwyer will be supporting our upcoming shows at

Newcastle Under Lyme

Eddy’s a young singer from the old style of traditional folk song that inspired our director, Damien Barber, to go professonial back in the 80s and his no holds barred approach will be a perfect complement to The Lock in!

Check out his tracks from his album ‘I’ll Go And ‘List For A Sailor’ which includes one of our favourites ‘Mandalay’







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"The Demon Barbers' hip hop and folk fusion raises the roof"

The List (Edinburgh Fringe)


"Folk and hip-hop unite to stunning effect"

The Independent