The Lock In ‘Remixed’

Featuring The Demon Barbers


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The Demon Barbers and Breaking Tradition Dance Company return to Ye Olde Fighting Cocks for a comical new take on their 5-star Live Music & Dance Extravaganza!

With ‘maverick & compelling’ live music by BBC Radio 2 award-winning powerhouse – The Demon Barbers, some of the UK’s oldest forms of dance are brought bang up to date with some of the youngest, in this charismatic, family friendly, celebration of dance culture.

A group of hip hop dancers arrive at an apparently deserted pub but local rumour has it that this tumble-down inn is frequented by other worldly characters and as the regulars arrive, a clash of cultures soon turns into a dance floor stand-off.

The skill, speed and athleticism of the dancers on both sides wins the others over as old and new are brought together in this quintessential folk & hip hop dance spectacular. With sword dancers wielding pool-cues, bboys dancing the morris and hip hoppers battling with clog girls, The Lock In is “guaranteed to raise weary spirits and send an audience home smiling” The Times   

Meanwhile house band, The Demon Barbers, takes English Folk music on a new journey with Hip Hop, House, Funk, Disco and even says hello to Drum & Bass and Ska along the way!

“The inspiration comes from Damien Barber, front man of the award-winning folk band The Demon Barbers, who supply the floor-shaking live music that alone justifies the price of the ticket” The Independent




‘A full-on show of such blazing energy and joyous ingenuity you scarcely ponder on the apparent madness of trying to marry folk dance and hip hop’ 4 stars – The Independent

‘The Lock In is infectious and gets under your skin to the extent you stop analysing and start just enjoying. Certainly the best night out in town’ 5 stars –

“Folk & Hip Hop unite to stunning effect” 4 Stars – The Independent

“Some shows demonstrate great skill and technique, some offer strong musicianship, and some create the kind of atmosphere and energy that leaves you high on life. The Lock In does all three” 5 stars – The List (Edinburgh Fringe)

” I’d rate ‘The Lock In’ high up in the top 10 of all the shows we’ve had in my 23 years at the Astrolabe Theatre Tent” Mick Andrew, Production Manager @ The Astrolabe, Glastonbury FestivalENDS









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“The Demon Barbers’ hip hop and folk fusion raises the roof”

The List (Edinburgh Fringe)


“Folk and hip-hop unite to stunning effect”

The Independent